Girl on the Hunt


“If I could have put out a sign on the door that said: ‘No men need apply,’ I would have done it.”


-Michael Scheuer, head of the bin Laden Issue Station, CIA


Almost ten years ago, CIA analyst Kyla Nichols stood on a roof top and watched the Pentagon burn.

Now, she’s sure she is dying in the small valley somewhere in Afghanistan.

After the attacks of September 11th, Kyla finds herself in Tora Bora at the epicenter of the world’s greatest manhunt.  After Osama bin Laden slips away, his trail almost immediately goes cold, leaving Kyla and CIA wondering what to do next to find him.  How do you find one man in a world of six billion?

This question leads Kyla to battles in Afghanistan, to Thailand to become witness to the first “enhanced interrogation,” to CIA black sites filled with enemy combatants.  To wondering if this hunt will destroy her and everything she has ever believed in.

Even when the world no longer seems interested in finding bin Laden, Kyla and a select few aren’t ready to give up yet.  Pulling together the small clues, they continue to try to piece together the puzzle that is the life of the World’s Most Wanted Man—no matter the cost.

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