Yes, I am declaring it. These days most people do not want to talk politics. It seems to be the easiest way to end up down the rabbit hole and only masochists want that. But I am taking this space to declare that: "#imwithher" Hopefully, this does not make me a horrible person bent on the destruction of US in your eyes.

The simple truth is this: "Her" politics align more with mine. "Her" vision of America looks more like my vision. So, in the simplest of terms, this means she gets my vote.

But there are deeper truths in this election. She is also getting my vote because she is a woman. Just like me. Just like ME. There are things she understands about me, that she relates to me about, that no President ever has. Forty-three of them have shared my skin color. Dozens have shared my politics. But none has ever shared my gender.

None has ever shared the personal humiliation of the gender wage gap. None has ever shuddered at the thought of the government being in the doctor's office with them. None has ever been told there was a job they were legally barred from doing. Only one would have ever been barred from voting in the United States of America.

Were any of them ever called "bossy" when they dared act like a boss? Were any of them ever called a "bitch" when they spoke up? Were any of them labeled "slut" because of the way they dressed? Were any of them ever told they must have "asked for it"?

So, yes, a deeper truth is that I am voting for "Her" because she is a woman. Another is that I am voting against "Him."

I am voting against "Him" because I do not agree with his politics. I do not agree with his rhetoric of division. I do not agree with his love of discord and hate. But it is deeper than that.

I see "Him" as the perfect candidate to run against "Her." His language, his attitude, his expressions. His belief that he has a "right" to touch, to degrade, to denigrate, to interrupt, to grab, to humiliate. He believes it is his right as a man, that there should be no consequences because he is a man. He is all of them. He is every man who has belittled us. He is every man who has made us believe we were less. He is every man who has taken without permission. He is every man who has told us to: "Sit down and shut up."

We are on the brink of history. But the most important part of that history isn't that a woman will be voted in as President of the United States. The truth that matters in this election, that matters for every American woman, for every American woman that was beaten when she dared to demand the right to vote...if only men were voting, another "He" would end up President. She will take the White House because of the overwhelming power of the women's vote. The overwhelming power of women's voices. She will take the White House because millions of women will say with their votes: #imwithher.


Suffrage Facts:

  • The Wyoming Territory was the first state or territory to give women the right to vote (1869). Wisconsin, Michigan, and Illinois were the first states to vote for ratification of the 19th Amendment.

  • Prior to ratification of the 19th Amendment, fifteen states (mostly out west) already guaranteed women full suffrage.

  • Until the amendment was ratified, women in Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Alabama had NO voting rights on any level.

  • Millions of American women had no voice before August 18, 1920.

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